Dear valued customers 

We are at 21st century that is the “Age of Globalization”, a time when a new era of competition without boundaries begins in world markets.  In this business environment where free competition means “Survival of the Fittest”, the basic challenge for Bangladesh in this new order is how it can raise the efficiency of international competitiveness of its economy.

And certainly, this is going to pose a critical challenge to the industrial sector of Bangladesh, which enjoyed certain special concessionaire access to the markets like Europe and North America for many years.  The withdrawn of MFA possibly most companies will face problems to export to Europe, unless they are equipped with ISO certification, and other external factors will make it compulsory to go for quality products and this can only be achieved only through developing professionalism within the organization.  It is only the professionalism, which can make you survive in the market.


We, BRIDDHI – Industrial & Marketing Consultants, a leading multi sectoral consulting house in Bangladesh - major focus on the organizational development in the industrial sector, are ready to provide superior consultancy and training to improve the quality and bring the professionalism in the industrial sector, because we believe in truly providing services designed to meet the client’s researched needs, rather than standard packages.


All members of BRIDDHI are well-trained and experienced professionals, providing top quality products and services and doing their best for customer satisfaction.


We help to make our industrial sector more competent and give utmost priority to the development of professionalism so that it can contribute substantially to the development of our economy.  We help only to grow and not to reduce wastage but completely eliminate wastage in all spheres of life – ultimate goals and objectives of Briddhi.


Wish you success where BRIDDHI can be your development partner.

Md. Akbar Hassan

Managing Director & CEO


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