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BRIDDHI-Executive Explore comes across for the perfect match between candidates and companies in Bangladesh and for international organization, both home & abroad on the most significant markets.

We are a partner based company with Jobs Bangladesh which happened to be one of the prominent job sites in Bangladesh. Headhunting was involved in 2000 October by a group of professional headhunters, who have more than 10+ years of experience and solved more than 500 positions. We are Bangladesh and is focused national & International arena and looking for international subsidiaries in the East & West which is a new developmental areas for us.

BRIDDHI-Executive Explore have professional expertise and our team is highly specialized and having experience from Multinational Company; International organization; NGO’ and Industrial sectors with wide experience at different echelon in Human Resource Management; Accounting; Management; Marketing & Sales; Procurement Services; Inventory management etc. These expertise lend a hand in assessing the candidate to select the talent from the talents. We share our knowledge and experience in relation to the interaction with our clients and candidates.

We offer services as:

Management consultancy including Management and Organizational Development & Professional Training which is our core business.In addition we have solid experience in other services as:

Search & Selection
Outplacement & Coaching
Assessment – Individual and teams
Interim management
We have an efficient and competitive business model that creates continuity which is based on a well-consolidated and informal organization that ensures progress and results.

Why do recruiters do it and when?

Recruiters when they are looking for certain skills and don’t want to waste their time placing ads that useless candidates would apply to, when a certain position is rather confidential and they don’t want to list it publicly on the market or simply when filling a position is critical and needs to be done fast and they don’t have the time to wait for candidates to apply. Normally use headhunting when they have listed a certain position on the market and nobody interesting applied,

Good candidates do not always apply to advertisements in the daily media
Top level executives prefer confidentiality
The direct contact is handled by an experienced searcher
Suitable candidates are pre-screened and those with a match for both the criteria and personal attributes for the position are selected.
To balance the needs of the client and candidate and find a solution that benefits both
To take the 'guessing' out of selection
Good candidates have to be persuade and invite to move
To identify suitable candidates in a similar industry and contact them on behalf of the client
There is a high possibility of finding the correct match

Why use Executive Search?

Headhunting is a form of recruitment and selection where the recruiter finds the contact details of a specific candidate that has some specific skills and contacts him/her in order to convince him/her to participate in the recruitment process.

Search & Selection

Complex and senior positions even right up to Managing Director / Executive level, we offer a dedicated Executive Search and Selection service. We have a proven track record in headhunting market leaders nationwide who are not actively in the marketplace, giving exclusive access to highly skilled and professional candidates.

We undertake comprehensive headhunting campaigns and conduct a thorough screening process utilizing our understanding of your business objectives and culture to ensure we present you with a shortlist of professional and relevant candidates engaged in the process.

Philosophyof BRIDDHI-Executive Explore

BRIDDHI-Executive Exploreconsiders that new pre-assignment work is of equal importance to the actual assignment itself. Our role is to fully understand the tone of the client company who are searching for very top-level executive candidates, and match the job specification with the ideal person or persons.
Apart from a candidate meeting the required job specification, their ability to integrate into the new organization from a personal and social perspective is an integral part of our selection procedure.
When we accept an assignment we represent our client in the most professional and caring manner. In this way candidates who are contacted and put forward for interview, whether successful or not, will always hold the client company in the highest regard.
Through our research process we will identify and select a list of top candidates within agreed target organizations in Bangladesh & Abroad.

Our Mission

Our Mission of BRIDDHI-Executive Explore is to accomplish your goals by recruiting executives in Bangladesh to present candidates to that fit perfectly into a organization’s and operating method. By entrusting other company’s search for the specialists to our headhunters, we will have more time to devote to the successful management of your company.

We distinguish ourselves from others:

Quality: This focus informs all aspects of our business and involves us giving equal priority to both candidates and clients.

Depth: Our team is arguably the most experienced of its type in Bangladesh.

Training: We focus heavily on training and growing new members of our team. Our motivation to train comes from our focus on providing excellent service. Our capacity to train comes from having an exceptionally high ratio of senior to junior staff, sharing their expertise and passion in recruitment.

Teamwork: Many of our competitors talk about teamwork. We live with it. We actively promote a supportive, respectful, mature team environment while still recognizing that consulting is more akin to singles tennis than football.

Remuneration: BRIDDHI focus is on having highly capable happy people provide outstanding service to our clients and candidates. To facilitate this we ensure that our remuneration structures lead the industry to a considerable degree.

Stability: Our model is different and built to last.

Ambition: BRIDDHI has maintained exceptionally high growth rates since its inception. We are confident that this will continue as it is based on having:

An exceptional team.
The respect of a large number of clients and candidates from leading companies
A work environment that promotes excellence, professionalism and quality service

Selection Process

Headhunting is a search carried out in order to find key people – at the management and specialist level – with very specific personal and professional skills. This process requires absolute discretion and trust between client business, headhunting and candidates.

The starting point is a thorough analysis of the task then we can start the process of finding candidates that match the specified profile. The contact with candidates is a dialogue that will lead up to the company presented a number of qualified and motivated candidates. Our experience, from headhunting for all kinds of industry and at all levels, the company provides the best security for an optimal solution of the assignment.

We focus on a serious and effective process, but this requires planning. Therefore we define the dates for presentations and closing. We are looking for an ongoing dialogue with our customers through the entire process, so we have the best opportunity to finish at the agreed time.In these years, almost every company is discovering, how difficult it is to attract and retain skilled employees. There is a intensive search for well-qualified managers, middle managers and specialists.

In BRIDDHI-Executive Explore we therefore use more channels to identify the most suitable candidates. “Simple” newspaper and Job Site advertising is not the answer. It is necessary to go wider in the search process. We offer a headhunting process that includes a combination of:

Pure headhunting
CV Bank
Advertising (often electronically or also in print media)
Before candidates are involved, a thorough preliminary work is done. We have an exhaustive dialogue with the company and its employees analyzing the job content and demands as well as the conditions and framework that the new employee will be expected to be part of. This work creates the basis of the job profile.
Phase 1:
In this phase, the background and the experience of the candidate is evaluated and compared to the job profile. Candidates matching the profile will be called in for an interview. The aim of the interview is to provide the candidate with information about the job and the company and to further clarify, whether the professional qualifications and possible management experience matches the job profile.
Phase 2:
The candidate fills in a Personal Profile Analysis and – if needed – an aptitude test followed by evaluation including written and oral feedback.
Phase 3:
In this phase, the candidate will be presented to his/her possible future manager and one or more key members of the organization. In all cases, we will be present at this meeting.
When the hiring process is completed, and the candidate has started working for the company a follow-up meeting is arranged with the candidate and the management with the purpose of securing that mutual expectations are met. As a rule, this meeting will take place 2-4 months after the appointment or according to the needs of the company or the candidate.
In nutshell:
Applications and Search targets are screened
Structured Interviews are conducted where each candidate is assessed.
A Shortlist report is provided giving full evaluation and comprehensive remuneration information is gathered.
Psychometric Evaluations are conducted where required.
Assistance with second stage interviews is provided. We act as the liaison between client and candidate.
Assignment Specification
Define job and person specification to include KPI’s
Extensive Market and Research campaign
Candidate Assessment
Long list Presented to include Candidate Profiles
Selection & Evaluation
Candidate Shortlist
Interview selection and process Support
Psychometric Evaluations if requested
Reference Checks
Close & Follow Up:
Offer Negotiation
Contract Close
Follow Up

Skeleton ofHeadhunting Process

To support the evaluation process during final stage interviews, we offer professional psychometric testing in respect to emotional intelligence and particular behaviors’ associated with leadership effectiveness and potential.


First, we begin to identify potential companies as a target group. These are companies that operate in the same industry as our clients and therefore could be their direct competitors. We create this list of target companies by using different methods: Information provided by our clients, knowledge of the industry by our Headhunters, directories etc.

This list of target companies is then checked together with the client in order to ensure that no candidates from partner companies are targeted as this could cause problems. In a further step, our headhunters are going to identify suitable candidates by using various techniques, which are based on the know-how of our company.

Next follows the contact with the potential candidates. This is a very delicate phase that requires great sensitivity to convince a candidate who actually is not actively looking for a job. Again, the expertise of our headhunters is essential because the very first interview is of high importance. The important key words are mentioned to awake and to strengthen the interest of the candidate. If these phases are successfully passed, personal interviews with candidates are organized. Those allow assessing both the skills and the personality of the candidate in relation to the job. Moreover, in a personal conversation, other aspects can be clarified, which could increase the interest of the candidate for the position.

Our selection criteria

When our headhunters in choose candidates, three main criteria are analyzed:

Technical criteria, i.e. know-how, professional skills, and experience in your field.
The candidate’s personality and charisma are the most influential criteria in the recruitment process.
Communication skills and the knowledge of local & foreign languages are also very important to ensure the smooth flow of communication between the company and its subsidiary.

When recruiting executives in Bangladesh, candidates’ professional experience and career history are of utmost importance as well. We offer a strict selection of candidates according to the firm’s technical nature, corporate culture, and spirit.

Search methods: how do we work?

Over our many years of executive search experience in Bangladesh, we have developed a set of guidelines which are considered for every personnel search. Further, we adapt each search according to the position and the company’s objectives, and conduct it in complete confidentiality with a strong emphasis on quality. Every search conducted by BRIDDHI is unique.


When recruiting executives, the duration of a search depends on a number of different factors. A search can last six to ten weeks, not including the notice applicants are required to give to their present company before joining their new firm. The usual notice is one to three months, though this is often negotiable.

The length of the search also depends on a possible shortage of applications :some positions are harder to fill than others. Another important factor is the ability of managers and their colleagues in charge of Human Resources to accommodate the recruiting process into their already busy schedules. Recruiting takes time for all three parties involved: companies, applicants and consultants.

Besides from the second week, the first candidates will be contacted. Normally the whole process, up to the creation of a « shortlist », takes 4 to 6 weeks.

Our work is characterized by a high degree of transparency. We provide upon request the details of all contacted candidates. Thanks to its long experience, our headhunter team in BRIDDHI masters this recruiting process perfectly. Accordingly, we are able to provide our clients with the candidates who are most suitable for each vacant position.

Evaluating employee skills and performance

To support company’s Human Resources, we can help evaluate their own employees in the case of a merger or buyout,or simply assist them in better understanding their professional abilities and personalities before considering a promotion or transfer.

You will surely agree that « people are your most important asset, and we are true professionals when it comes to evaluating your employees’ skills. As outside consultants, we offer a fresh look at your employees and maximize their potential


We guarantee the replacement, without any extra cost, of applicants who do not meet the expectations of your Human Resources during the first 6 to 12 months depending on the position in question.

Salaries and wages in Bangladesh
Thanks to our extensive experience in executive search, we have an outstanding knowledge of the structure of the Bangladesh salary and wage system As a specialist of Human Resources in Bangladesh, we regularly edit a brochure, together with the DCCI & MCCI and Industry which contains information about remuneration in Bangladesh and the Bangladesh salary system.
We can provide you upon request with salary statistics and remuneration systems in Bangladesh in your particular field of activity.


The cost of a search when recruiting executives in Bangladesh depends on the degree of difficulty of the respective recruitment. We always propose a fix fee, independent from the planned salary for the position. In order to match lower budgets, we are also able to offer more limited services requiring more involvement from our customers.

Our Practice Areas

BRIDDHI-Executive Explore is committed to helping our candidates fully realize their opportunities and aspirations by providing you with the expertise, candid communication, and consultative services that will open your avenues for continued success. Our practice groups are home to skilled, dedicated, and professional executive recruiters. The depth provided by their knowledge and experience is unmatched, and they will work with you in an open and honest manner to help define and identify your best career moves.

i. Accounting Careers
Helping develop Accounting careers across the nation
Despite the considerable challenges faced by many economic sectors, accounting management jobs continue to be decidedly bullish. With recruiters in 11 offices across the country, BRIDDHI-Executive Explorehelps talented professionals build and cultivate their accounting careers through targeted, personalized search services that deliver
outstanding accounting jobs. Now is an excellent time to consider an accounting job search. We can help.

Complexity is the accounting trend for the future. Financial markets are unsettled and government regulation is on the rise. Accounting standards have gone from the arcane to the front page of public policy discussions. All companies need reliable, sophisticated accounting talent to help them negotiate risks and compete in the dynamic and challenging environments in which they do business. There are many talents we can source.

We are among premier accounting recruiting firms; and our capable, dedicated team of accounting recruiters place transcendent talent and help build accounting careers in leading companies and firms across the nation. We recognize that businesses are looking for accounting professionals who can combine technical and business skills to deliver objective advice to help grow business, improve performance, and manage risk more effectively. Opportunities in accounting abound.

We have knowledge of and access to fantastic accounting jobs in a wide variety of industries and markets across the country. Our accounting recruitment experts engage a deep network of industry-leading professionals, critical market knowledge, and incredible breadth – all focused on finding the best career opportunity for leading accounting professionals just like you.
ii. Finance
We are expert recruiters in Finance, Private Equity, Strategy, M&A, and Treasury who can help develop in finding people of skill and insight.

The world of finance is changing, and it’s changing quickly. From increased worldwide government oversight to fierce global competition, the financial landscape will continue to rapidly evolve. An uncertain marketplace, however, presents opportunities for skilled, experienced finance professionals. BRIDDHI-Executive Explore recruiters help place qualified candidates in finance management jobs that create genuine, lasting business impact.

Finding finance management jobs and building successful careers takes insight and market knowledge. We can help. From manufacturing and telecommunications to banking and consumer products, BRIDDHI-Executive Explore recruiters are experts in matching transcendent talent with finance jobs that achieve long-term career goals. Our recruiting associates place experienced outstanding professionals.
iii. Human Resources
HRM is rapidly evolving. Our HR recruiters understand these dynamics and help find jobs that lead to successful careers.

HR management jobs that drive genuine business impact
Across all industries, HR jobs are increasingly multifaceted and require that HR professionals expertly administer complex areas of emphasis. From driving organizational performance and building ethics and integrity into company culture to talent acquisition and enhancement, HR leaders need to develop more strategic, business-focused HR organizations. BRIDDHI-Executive Explore knowledgeable HR recruiters help candidates advance their HR careers in the businesses where their skills and talents thrive.

As the business environment grows increasingly global and complex, HR management jobs will continue to play an even more active role in setting strategy and ensuring its effective execution. Human Resources executives are risk managers, culture coaches, legal experts, and personnel arbitrators. But as financial and global competitive pressures increase, finding, hiring, and retaining transcendent talent is undoubtedly foremost on the agenda of any progressive organization.You understand these market dynamics, and we can help guide you. Our executive recruiters discretely assist transcendent talent. We appreciate how hiring decisions impact people, families, and careers. As such, everything we do reflects our deep understanding of the executive recruiting process and the critical importance of each placement we make. We provide unparalleled service by truly listening and responding to the needs of our candidates with exceptional HR jobs.
iv. Information Technology Careers
Companies across all markets and industries are actively seeking to hire and build teams of knowledgeable, capable IT talent that can tackle operational, managerial, and technical challenges. From cloud computing and mobile applications to social media and infrastructure, IT management jobs abound. BRIDDHI-Executive Explore recruiters help skilled candidates decipher the many opportunities and make the moves that build successful IT careers.

IT moves at a rapid pace, and so do we. Our experts quickly place IT candidates in positions that leverage their skills and build careers.IT careers can change as fast as the industry itself. We help talented IT professionals maximize career opportunities.

The Information Technology industry continues to both shape the world and be transformed by it. Few industries change what and how we do more rapidly, and few have to adapt to these changes just as quickly in order to succeed. Our knowledgeable IT recruiters understand how quickly the competitive parameters can shift, and we effectively and efficiently drive results that set the stage for satisfying, accomplished IT careers.

The make-up of the Information Technology profession is changing as well. Experienced leaders are leaving the market for retirement and companies are recognizing that finding top talent for IT management jobs requires providing a complex combination of challenges, rewards, and positive corporate culture.

BRIDDHI-Executive Explore IT recruiters have their pulse on the organizations and Information Technology jobs that deliver upon those shifting requirements, and we work with IT candidates to identify the best positions and companies for their skills and their ambitions.
v. Legal Recruiting
Our Legal recruiters expertly assist attorneys to make insightful, strategic career moves that generate lasting, positive impact on their careers.

In today’s highly competitive legal market, law firms and corporations need talented lawyers who can help them minimize risk, maximize return, and propel them forward in a reliable and professional fashion. Everyone needs expert, flexible, and entrepreneurial lawyers who can help clients solve their most complex and important legal issues, here or anywhere in the country.

BRIDDHI-Executive Explore, we know where those legal openings are, and we can help you take the next progressive step in your legal career. From in-house counsel to law firm associates, and from senior partners and entire practice groups to new office branches, we knowledgeably recruit for leading firms and corporations across the country. We excel in the legal information business, and our legal recruiters are proven experts, helping talented attorneys propel their careers.

We intimately understand the complexities and dynamics of your profession. As such, we know that legal recruiting is both a time-sensitive and intricate undertaking, and we thrive in this industry.

Our well-connected, knowledgeable legal recruiting experts understand both local dynamics and global trends. We know where the best attorney openings are—from major corporations and Law firms to mid-market businesses and regional firm leaders.

We strive to understand areas of expertise, strategic objectives, corporate culture, and how our attorney recruiters can help you achieve your long-term goals.
vi. Manufacturing Careers
Manufacturing recruitment has never been more imperative, and the talent marketplace is both global and competitive in scope. Over the course of the last decades, the evolution of the industry has been swift and drastic. Manufacturing management jobs now require a deep understanding of the industry’s evolution plus a keen insight into the future of the global economy. BRIDDHI-Executive Explore delivers both. With knowledge and precision, our recruiters expertly help industry candidates find the opportunities that build lasting, successful manufacturing careers.

To increase competitiveness and drive down costs, manufacturing companies have turned to continuous improvement efforts like Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing. They have expanded supply chain jobs from a regional to a global platform. And they are increasing inventories and jumpstarting the entire manufacturing process. Our manufacturing recruiters recognize that with challenges come opportunities and innovation for top talent.

Organizations are seeking transcendent manufacturing talent – from mid-management all the way up to ED – to fill the manufacturing jobs that will fuel new growth. With 5 national offices, BRIDDHI-Executive Explore manufacturing recruiters appreciate regional nuances and global trends, and we work with knowledge, speed, and discretion to help companies fill critical manufacturing management jobs.

We work closely and candidly with candidates across the industry to help match talented professionals and successful businesses, building long-term relationships and lasting success. Whatever your manufacturing career aspirations may be – from supply chain and engineering to production and distribution – BRIDDHI-Executive Explore’sexpert industry recruiters can help to achieve them.
vii. Marketing Careers
BRIDDHI-Executive Exploreis an expert advertising and marketing recruiter that helps engage and place top talent around the world in outstanding jobs in marketing, communications, and advertising. We can do it because we’ve been there. Having worked for some of the leading marketing and advertising firms in the country, as well as within corporate marketing for major brands, our knowledgeable recruiter’s help candidates land marketing executive jobs that lead to lasting success.

Marketing executive jobs are on the forefront of the new global and mobile economy. From corporate branding and marketing communications programs to social media and mobile advertising, top industry talent – like you – appreciates how essential dynamic and creative leadership is to effective brand strategy and execution.In the saturated communications market of today, creating, enhancing, and protecting a company’s brand has become paramount for financial success. But it’s no longer a question of doing a few things well. Companies must deploy a dynamic presence across all media. To do so requires that they hire the best talent for their marketing jobs.

No one understands this better than BRIDDHI-Executive Explore marketing and advertising recruiters. We help candidates across the profession find and land the jobs in marketing that help build lasting success – both for the brands they serve and their own marketing position.
viii. Sales Careers
Across industries and in every market, growth begins with sales. From mid-market businesses to global corporations, all companies are challenged to fill sales executive jobs, account management roles, and sales support positions with results-oriented, successful sales professionals. A leader in sales recruiting, BRIDDHI-Executive Explore intimately understands this requirement, and we help drive achievement by finding and placing transcendent sales talent in the profession’s top sales jobs.

Sales executives are high-risk, high-reward personalities who impact revenue perhaps more than any other component of a company. They critical key to market success, and BRIDDHI-Executive Explore sales recruiters are committed to helping you find the right sales management jobs for you and your long-term career.

Time and again, leading businesses across the country turn to the recruitment experts at BRIDDHI-Executive Explore to fill their top sales jobs with demonstrated sales professionals. We succeed because we understand that success at sales executive jobs requires more than mere industry knowledge and charm. It requires an understanding of local markets and global developments, an ability to establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships, and both tactical mastery and strategic insight.

Every member of our sales recruitment team has “carried a bag,” and many have worked for the world’s leading companies. We help to find – and land – the sales management jobs that challenge your skills, build lasting success, and reward your results.

Meet Our Recruiters


Our consulting team is comprised of experienced professionals whose focus is on creating positive long term outcomes for both our clients and candidates.

Md. Akbar Hassan
CEO & Managing Director

Md Akbar Hassan is the Team Leader. He is a Business Graduate from IBA Dhaka University. Worked in many Multinational Companies in Bangladesh from executive to CEO. Executive Sales division, Philips Bangladesh, later promoted to Product Manager. CEO of 4 companies located at DEPZ of Youngeone Corporation. Country Manager of Automotive Lubricants of Mobil Oil (USA) in Bangladesh. Every tier in the Organization he climbed with success stories. He experienced more that 7000 people in the recruiting process. He had a wide experience in the head hunting activities in the country.

Visiting faculty of BRAC University of Business School; Faculty member of IGS of BRAC University; Resource person of BPATC;BIAM; Planning Academy; Police Staff College; National Defense College and many more. He is a founder CEO & Managing Director of BRIDDHI concerns.

Farid Mustafa Zahid
Chief Consultants & Deputy Team Leader

Masters in Business Administration Pacific States University LA, California, USA Masters in Public Administration.Dhaka University.

» Advise the First Secretary, Education on policy development including policies of the Netherlands Government;
» Monitor the activities financed with Netherlands assistance funding in the education sector;
» Participate in all relevant meetings on development cooperation in general;
» Participate or replaced the First Secretary, Education at meetings with GOB, NGOs, UN Organizations, multi-laterals and other platforms of dialogue like donor coordination meetings and Local Consultative Groups;
» Build and maintain a network of relevant contacts with national and international (partner).
» Assess requests for (financial) support within the framework of Dutch (development) policy;
» Support the process of decision making (both within and outside the Embassy) and follow-up actively with concerned organizations or individuals;
» Participate in national and international workshops, field visits, conferences etc.
» Address cross-cutting issues like genderand institutional development, in relation to education;
» Prepare Internal Appraisal Documents for re-funding/funding education programs/projects
» Program Manager, Education andStreet Children's Program, PadakhepManabikUnnayanKendro (Padakhep) The Asia Foundation Program Officer (FPMCH)

Farida Yasmin Lata
Chief Operating Officer

Masters in Social Science. Having experience about 17 years in different discipline. Technically sound in the shooting and sound recording. Studies in Japan. She is on the board in the recruiting panel. Focus mainly on psychometric analysis. In her career she worked in different position.

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