Area of Contribution

A. Garment & Textile

B. Agro Business

C. Industrial Organisation ( Other than Garments).

Organizational Development.
Feasibility Study
Development of Business Plan
Development of Marketing Plan

Our Trainig Procedure:

Focus Group Discussion.
Meta plan etc.
Module Building.
Real-life Situations (video clips).
Capture of moments using different video camera (hidden camera).
Use of posters and banners to motivate and change of attitude.

Trainig Methodolgy:

Lecture Methods
Video Clips
Video Presentation
Multi media Presentation
Slides Show
Role Play
Case Study
Interactive approach
Professional Talk
Field Visit
Group Discussion

We Deffer from the others and Our Strenths:

We provide Corporate training ( Need based).
We provide training at site. (We carry all sorts of equipment to facilitate the training program for success.) Ref. Facilities available.
We are not laptop based.

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